Miniral Beach

Hof-mineral (“Mineral beach”) area is situated by the Western coast of the Dead Sea.  As it is a very steep slope there a lot of rivers flow into the Dead Sea in winter time while in summer they get dry up. The flood in winters was so intensive that the special dam was erected in 2004 to protect settlements and other objects which improved the situation greatly. But the dam provoked another problem because the stream began undermining the area with a lot of karstic hollows appeared. The ground slumps began with an extremely high intensity up to 5-7 m per year.  On such background the Israeli road service addressed Drakkar ltd. to implement appropriate investigations and survey to find the spots with the most dangerous ground displacement to urge reconstruction and prevent any undesirable consequences. The survey was conducted in 2006 for the reconnaissance purposes. Since then periodical on-ground lidar surveys and on-ground photogrammetric survey have been carrying out. On-ground (close range) photogrammetric survey is also needed as the task can be done with lidar methods only because gap slopes are too steep.