Dead sea works ltd.” company is an old partner and customer of Drakkar. The Project restarts periodically up to 3-5 times per year accordingly to the situation at the factory. Dead sea works ltd.” keeps a warehouse of finished productions as big heaps at an open area of rather a big square – a few hundred hectares. The warehouse area must be monitored periodically first of all for estimating the amount of remaining product, which must be known for the company’s operative planning needs.

The Configuration of the heaps must be surveyed because under some circumstances they can threaten with a fall.

Drakkar applies a special technology created intentionally for a project of such kind. This technology provides a high level efficiency of survey and further data processing, which makes it possible to fulfill the whole inspection area within one or maximum two working days. Drakkar applies preferably laser scanning methods there, since the use of traditional geodetic methods is not so effective, first of all because of the heap’s complicated geometry and the tremendous dimensions.

The main output products are tables with volume calculated and DTM of the heaps which are usually represented in AutoCAD DWG format for further use by the customer.

Sometimes the photo-grammatical (aerial photography) methods are in use for stock volume calculations.